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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Foremost, SummitRidge understands the challenges with how families are able to obtain information and support a patient during treatment . We all hope to do our best to address your concerns and support you during the treatment process. SummitRidge also recognizes how disabling it can feel when family and friends have to rely on others to provide care and limit their direct influence.

Often our patients have arrived here because they were unable to control themselves or exact a level of control in their lives. SummitRidge strives to empower patients and families to develop the skills and supports that will help them succeed long after discharge. During treatment, we appreciate your patience and support in meeting these needs!

During the first few hours of admission all patients are being assessed and admitted to the hospital. Once they arrive on the nursing unit, they are oriented to the unit by staff, undergo a comprehensive nursing assessment, and are introduced to the therapeutic programming to address identified needs.

Initially, it may take several hours to complete the initial assessments necessary to understand the special needs of each patient. Once involved in treatment, specific times are available during identified breaks for patients to contact their friends and family. Families are encouraged to identify a spokesperson and to expect patients to make calls out to other family as the patient deems necessary.

Patients are actively involved in treatment during much of the day. They are involved in behavioral treatment which, unlike routine medical treatment, applies each patient to actively participate in a variety of treatment modalities and with a number of different Summit Ridge staff.

Our staff utilize the first 48 hours of an admission gathering essential information about the needs of each patient. Because our patients have concerns which are behavioral in nature, this period of time is necessary to develop an appropriate treatment plan with input from all team members and begin implementing this plan for each patient.

Length of stay is individualized to the needs of each patient; however the average length of stay is about seven days. This may be somewhat variable according to the needs of the treatment plan and input from the treatment team.

The entire treatment team meets daily to discuss the treatment plan and form a plan for discharge. The date of discharge is usually formed within the 24 hours prior to discharge, but is subject to change throughout the treatment process according to presentation of a change in behavior.

Our staff values the input of the family, though are often in direct care with patients. Case managers and nurses may be in treatment team, leading a group or working directly with a patient. Anyone calling must have a valid patient identification number and the patient must agree for Summit Ridge staff to speak with that person. We do encourage having a single family spokesperson.

Treatment teams make decisions regarding care based on patient safety and benefits of treatment regardless of insurance.