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Programs & Services

Programs & Services

Programs and Services at SummitRidge Hospital

SummitRidge Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient treatment options for adolescents and adults suffering from behavioral health or addictive issues. Contact us today to learn more about our mental health programs and to schedule an assessment for yourself or a loved one.

Depression Screening

The depression screening test on this site is completely anonymous and confidential. It is NOT designed to respond to a suicide crisis. If you believe you are a risk for suicide, dial 911 or go immediately to the nearest hospital emergency room for an evaluation. We are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 678-442-5858.

Questions to ask:

  • Do you feel hopeless or worthless?
  • Have you experienced restlessness or decreased activity noticed by others?
  • Have you experienced fatigue or loss of energy?
  • Are you unable to concentrate, remember things, or make decisions?
  • Do you have feelings of guilt?
  • Have you experienced changes in sleeping patterns?
  • Have you experienced changes in weight or appetite?
  • Have you lost interest in activities once enjoyed?
  • Do you feel sad or irritable?
  • Have you had thoughts of suicide or death?

According to the National Mental Health Association, if you answered yes to at least five of these, you may be suffering from depression. Getting professional help is recommended.

Your family doctor may be able to help, but we also encourage you to speak with a mental health professional.

This screening test is intended solely for the purpose of identifying the symptoms of depression, and is not designed to provide a diagnosis of clinical depression. An accurate diagnosis for depression and other psychiatric disorders can only be made by a physician or a qualified mental health professional after a complete evaluation.

This screening test is not appropriate for, and should not be completed by, persons under age 18. Persons under age 18 with symptoms of depression are advised to talk with their parents or guardians about seeing a physician or qualified mental health professional for a complete evaluation.

Health and Healing are a Phone Call Away

If you or a loved one is struggling with psychiatric or substance abuse difficulties, SummitRidge Hospital may be able to help. Call 678-442-5858 for a no-cost, confidential assessment today.